Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Is Not My Home

I don't know about you, but everyday finds me with a deeper longing for home...Today the desire was kindled afresh. I'm determined to hold on till the end no matter the cost...anything we have to go through in this life, any trial or suffering endured will be found worth it in the end. While sitting under the tree of life we shall try and recount up our greatest trials, but they will seem so small in light of the eternal glory that surrounds us that we will not be able to speak them out...the only words on our tongue will be, "Hallelujah! Heaven is cheap enough!"

Let's hold on will be more than worth it!

I woke up this morning, the sun was shining,
the birds were singing, their carols raising,
I felt a thrill fill my soul for the joy of being alive,
But as I looked out my window I saw tears in people’s eyes...
And I was reminded that this world is not my home,
I’m just passing through...
I don’t belong here, I’m but a stranger and a pilgrim in this land
I’m treading down the straight and narrow path
My eyes fixed upward, upon the prize
Oh, Lord Jesus led me home.
Every day I hear of more tragedies and deaths,
Famines, wars, earthquakes, sorrows and thief,
How much longer can this poor earth go on?
Oh, Precious Jesus come and take us home!
I can’t help but praise you that this world is not my home!
That I’m just passing through...


Sometimes this old world can look attractive,
Sometimes I can forget where I’m bound,
Oh, Jesus keep me pressing forward, help me never forget...
That this world is not my home!
Oh, Lord there is so much hurt in this worn earth,
How can I show others that there is a better place,
A land where sorrows, famines, tears and dying aren’t found,
And best of all, where we can see our Savior's face. 
Oh, help me tell them that this world is not our home.
That we’re just passing through...
We don’t belong here, We’re but strangers and pilgrims in this land,
We’re treading down the straight and narrow path,
Our eyes fixed upward, upon the prize
Oh, Lord Jesus led us home,
Oh, Lord Jesus...please...lead me home...
Abigail Eagan 2011

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