Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Become as a Child

5 weeks...the number stares me in the face. Can it really have been that long since the last post? Time has flown by the last month. “Mothering” seven young-ins for nine hours, five times a week, seems to leave me with little time for other pursuits. :) But don’t feel sorry for me! I’m loving every minute of it. Though there are times when I wonder why I ever got myself into this, I’m more than repaid by the grasp of a little hand in my own, a slobbery kiss on the cheek, or a sweet little voice whispering in my ear, “You are my best friend!” 

Through the hours and days spent with the kiddos I've begun to see my Heavenly Father in a new light, and also the reason behind the phrase, "You must become as a little child." 

Splash! As the rock sinks out of sight, ripples begin to form, spreading their influence in an ever widening circle. Delighted giggles echo off the glassy surface marred only by the wavelets. 
"Miss Abby!"
I turn my head toward the source of laughter.
Splash! Another set of ripples begin to develop.
"Miss Abby!" A second voice pipes up...."Watch!" 
Again the scene is repeated and picked up by still others until there are 5 little voices making sure that I don't miss their splash. As the stone sends a spray of water into the air, 5 shiny pairs of eyes turn toward mine, eagerly waiting to see my smile and hear my encouragement. As I look into those expectant eyes I can't help but ponder...This is what it means to "become as a little child." I should be as eager as these little ones to have my Father's smile, His approval on everything that I do. 

Fingers black and sticky, mouths with a ring of purple making a circle around smiles. Laughter tumbling out from among the brambles and joy radiating from beaming eyes. Little tummies far more full than the pails. This is what it means to "become as a little child." Joy in the small things. Happiness amide the thorns.

A frightened hand grasping with all the strength in her little arm. Wide eyes staring into mine. Whimpering, yet not wanting to be left on the shore she bravely clings to me as we step deeper into the water. Calmly I try and explain that she is perfectly safe...I'm holding her and she has a life jacket on. There is no need to fear. Slowly I see the fear melt from her eyes...trusting. This is what it means to "become as a little child." Trusting our Father's hand and heart are enough. Even when we can't see beyond tomorrow.

Seven pairs of outstretched arms, and seven pairs of little feet winging their way over the grass towards me, all crying "Miss Abby, Miss Abby! We love you! We missed you!" That's what it means to "become as a little child." The love and affection a little child can bestow on others...even if they aren't as lovable. Oh, Father give me that love. 

Oh, Father make me as a little child...give me the joy, trust, and love they exhibit. 


  1. It's true. God speaks to me every time I'm with my nieces. They are a precious living lesson book. Oh the love He must have for us!

  2. Oh... how I love children. :) What precious lessons...