Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trust Me

The wind whispers gently through the treetops, the birds voices are lifted in songs of joy, the flowers around me speak of the glory and majesty of their creator, and the cows on the surrounding hills make me smile. This place has become a second home to me... my oklahome.  But even more than the beauty and tranquility surrounding me I am reminded of my Father’s love. He brought me to this place. He has given me more than I ever dreamed possible and has even given me the cherry on top.

It all started after a few days visit in April...
The moment I drove up the driveway I began to dread the thought of leaving this place. I’ve traveled a lot, said a lot of goodbyes, but never have I had such an overwhelming desire to stay at one place. I was able to mostly push the unwelcome thought aside until the last evening. Then a flood a emotions overcame me. I wanted with every fiber of my being to stay at this little earthly paradise, but I knew that there was absolutely no way. I had to go back to the routine of real life. When I awoke that dreaded day I didn’t want to get out of bed. I began to complain to the Lord about leaving. Softly He stopped my questioning. Gently He reminded me of the ways that He had lead in the past. As the scenes flooded my minds eye I once again was hit by the fact that He ALWAYS had my best interest in mind. No way He had lead was left to chance. But as I remembered, my little burning heart brought me back to the present. 

My questions returned... 
“Are you sure you know what you are doing this time Lord...This lifestyle is so good for me. I don’t want to go back to the busyness of life.”
Quietly He responded...
“Have I ever failed? Will you trust me again? Will you allow me to take you back home? Will you give this problem to me?” 
Finally my faltering lips replied...
“Yes. are trustworthy.” 
But He wasn’t finished with me yet. The voice came again. 
“Will you choose to be content going home?” 
“What!” my little heart screamed. “Content?” 
“Yes, content. And not only content, but cheerful as well?” 
“Lord this is too much! How can I be cheerful when I feel as though my heart will fall out if I step foot from this place?” 
“Trust Me.”

I struggled long and hard, but ultimately I surrendered my desire and determined to be content and cheerful with what the Lord had set before my feet. It may seem a trifle to you, to long for a place so much, but I can assure you that it was real. I still cannot put my finger on the reason why I love this place so, but to me it is a piece of heaven. 
And so I returned home, to my work awaiting me there and I can honestly say that He gave me power to be content and cheerful with leaving. 
Five days passed...I was swamped with work and deadlines. Then one evening when I opened my email, my heart fairly flipped. There before my eyes was an email asking if there was anyway I could come back to the farm for a month. Immediately I tried to tell myself that there was no possible way, so I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Nevertheless I began to pray that if this was the Lord that He would open the many shut doors that stood between me and Oklahoma. 

I won’t go into details, but fourteen hours after my eyes had first landed on the email I had bought my ticket to the farm. The Lord had thrown open every door before I had even prayed. And so exactly one week after surrendering my heart’s desires I was back in Oklahome.  

I am now nearing the end of my month here, and I am once again dreading the thought of leaving this place, but I know that my God knows what is best and He has already given me above and beyond what I ever deserved or ever dreamed. He even allowed some very dear friends to come and surprise us last week which I consider the cherry on top. 

My friends if you are struggling with giving Him the reigns of your life I urge you to trust Him... 

For He is trustworthy. 

P.S. ~ For Clarity... I do love my Michigan home very much. It's just that I've realized lately how much I love the simplicity of the farming lifestyle. This month was a wonderful break from the stressful, electronic life. :) I'm glad I'm coming home again though to my family!!! :) 

A few more pictures from the last month...sorry for the quality. They were taken on an ipod.

I've seen thousands of pounds of this stuff the last month...quite literally! :)

Sabbath Afternoon Creek Walk :)

CSA/Market Packing

Market Time

The Crazy Cooks!

Farm Life

The Machine you use to pick... 

These :)
Playing out in the rain :)

Excursion to see if Andrew's wheat had survived the storm.

Nothing like Oklahoma sunsets...

You learn all trades here :) Sheep shearing in progress. 

Surprise! :) 

Siblings :)


Love OK! 


  1. Love it all... Thanks for sharing Abby! :)

  2. Beautiful posts. I'm so happy that you are happy there. It's hard to describe my home to others... unless you experience it yourself. Come back again soon!!!

    1. It was so great that you were able to be here some of my stay! :) Made it even more special! Will do my best to get back asap! :)

  3. Just love how He fulfills the desires of our heart! When we give to Him He will always give back!!

  4. Oh... just love it. :) Beautiful place with beautiful people...