Thursday, November 22, 2012


Fall leaves, 

 Good food,
Pumpkin pie,

Ask most people what the word “Thanksgiving” means to them and you will get many of the above answers...and usually the word on which the celebration was founded is omitted...Gratitude. 

A cold, forlorn group of weary Puritans huddle silently upon the desolate beach as storm tossed waves break upon the rocky shoreline. Expectantly they gaze out upon the battered sea, straining to catch the faintest flapping of canvas amidst the gale. Finally they hear the sound they have waited for so long. Their tired faces turn to smiles as they envision themselves sailing away to freedom...

Hours later all hopes of freedom are trampled, for instead of setting sail to the promised land, they find themselves locked up in a damp, smelling, rotten prison...

But why are they here?

The answer is simple...

They are not willing to bend or compromise to the will of the King...

Because they cannot deny their God.
Even if it means suffering and even death.

Yet through it all they are not discouraged...their lives are in their Father's hand and with that knowledge they quietly rest, trust, pray, and wait for another opportunity.


Years slip away...the day arrives when the persecuted band of believers finally step aboard the Mayflower...the ship that will carry them away to freedom. But their trials are not over...the trip is long and the sea rough. When they eventually arrive at their promised land the winter is cold and the food supplies low. By spring many have sickened and died.

Yet again their hearts are filled with thanksgiving to their Savior for bringing them to a land of freedom...a land of peace. 

As the leaves turn crimson and the breeze once again whistles cool, the pilgrims announce a feast of gratitude to God for all the many blessings He had given them that year.

And thus the first Thanksgiving was born. But sadly we have well nigh forgotten the purpose of the has become only...a feast.

So this Thanksgiving may we remember our fathers who gave their lives for the freedom we now enjoy. And may we learn from them to have a spirit of gratitude. Not just today when all is fun and games, but also on those days when trials and sorrow draw near to discourage us.

For just maybe our trials are blessings in disguise.

So my friend...
What are you thankful for?

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  1. Ah my heart is full of gratitude. I guess the biggest thing that comes to mind today is I am thankful to know and experience gratitude now because without it a short time ago I was in prison.